CTF - Teamkilling bug.

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  • Players are meant to be allowed to teamkill up to 4 people in 4 minutes. If you teamkill a 5th person within the 4 minute time period you will be automatically alerted then kicked for 20mins. If you manage to reach a 6th teamkill before being auto kicked (i.e. you are intentionally trying to disrupt the game) you will automatically be banned for 1 hour. Further teamkills after unbans will lead to longer additional bans.

    Unfortunately I found a bug that lately players have not being getting kicked properly and receiving a ban for 1 hour instead of 20mins. This bug should now be fixed for games starting Tuesday 12th May.

    Please remember to only teamkill your teammates if your communicating on discord and expect to be forgiven. If not and it was accidental you should apologise and ask nicely to be forgiven.

    If you play the game properly, fairly and be nice (our core server rules) you should never have a problem with our server bot.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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