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  • Hi Nitro,

    I noticed that the GIB server is always empty besides a few bots. Have you considered changing the gametype since it appears to attract very few people while the CTF server is nearly always overcrowded (I mean, maps are generally not made to play 15vs15.

    Cheers and keep up with some of the best servers out there.

  • I think this is more to do with the mapcycle of the GIB server - i need to find some cool small maps for people to play on. maps like casa are not that fun when theres only a few players. out of curiosity what gametype would you change too ?

  • CTF ๐Ÿ˜ No really, I think even gun game would be better, or TS, but I get that nobody wants to play TS so there's that.

    I have no suggestion on which maps could be fun in GIB tho.

  • I have an idea, what abount an old server that was low gravity (maybe) and allowed using an hk69 to jump? (akin to Quake3 rocket jumps)

  • these things are discussed regularly on our discord @DonaldPump. However what you are suggesting is not possible without modifying the game code.

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