something wierd in xlr stats

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  • there's something wierd with the xlr stats, i noticed it when i was checking map stats a week ago. i don't know what it is

    this is from a screenshot i took today playing on this server, after writing !stats in chat
    this is also from same screenshot, showing my score in the urban terror scoreboard
    as you can see i have one more death that's added somehow. i counted myself to be sure form that i joined, and i died totally 7 times

    how did i get this death?

    here's what happen before i screenshot
    i joined server but map was already ended, i didn't do anything
    next map, i was automatically assigned to blue, switched to red
    i was playing as usual. stopped one guy's killing spree
    team scores twice, i didn't touch the enemy or my own flag, didn't neither teamkill, but damaged a mate tho

    here's screenshot from next match, where i got 2 false deaths. on this map i was flag running before i screenshot

  • I'll look into this when I get free time. There is not enough information here for me to make any sense of it.

  • i tried some stuff, and i have a idea why it's this way; when i change team a death is added even if it's auto join, when server moves you to a team or when you're joining spectator. well it's not so strange because...
    i can start much earlier than my team, and avoid the wave by joining the enemys. i start instantly and the respawn wave thing doesn't work as it should... it's probably worst when many players are on and the teams are even, but i never used it myself
    there's a lot more bugs like that, i can't remind all of those but if you want i can try to write them down
    and an important thing: bots are teamkilling you caused by some code error, and if you teamkill them you get warnings... that's really annoying

  • Many of the problems in this game are simply caused by the 20 year old engine thats no longer developed on, so no more patches or changes will fix these issues. Most likely the deaths are caused by the engine reporting in the log file that the bot reads that you died and switched team instead of just switching team.

    Don't teamkill bots and you wont have a problem with getting warnings. due to limitations of the engine it cannot be changed.

  • yeah i can understand that, by the way it's 21 years old... and 1 month

    the bot thing is that i sometimes get shot at when i'm firing or moving fast near them

    also you know about there's walls that are buggy and you can see trough parts of 'em... and i'm not using a cheat client, i have the latest 4.3.3 on linux

  • we treat it the same way as a wallhack since you can still see through a wall you are not supposed to and instead of fixing the problem you are choosing to take advantage of a bug.

  • this isn't a problem i can ''fix'' , it's been this way since i started playing. i havn't either done anything to modify q3a so i can see trough walls...

    if i can do this, the everyone can, so it's not taking advantage or abusing it. and when it happens, the wall is gone as long as i look in the same direction and stand in same place, when i move, everything is as usual

    here's an older screenshot from nizarins
    genomskinliga väggar.png
    one i took today playing lilpwny
    genomskinliga väggar på lilpwny.png

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