everybody loves spawn killers

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  • instead of focusing on the game, g-spot always sneaks up behind the start spot and waits for the respawn wave. then, as soon she think the immunity is over she starts shooting, and uses silenced gun alot and always focuses on getting kills instead of helping the team

    if we are lucky, she get caught by the enemy team but this doesn't happen very often and she ruins the game for everybody. have demo to prove it if you need

    it would've be nice if she could be disabled from using weapons

  • and she's also team damaging a lot, but i hasn't recorded her doing that - yet

  • use the in game !report system when team damage is happening. if you do it from spectator no one in game will see your message. Please do not use the !report system for other silly annoyances we are not babysitters.

  • i know how to report, and i did it when she was spawnkilling too much. but i don't like that spawnkilling is so easy, and that people are able to do it so much and often. could you do something about it?

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